Final Salary – The End?

Or is it…

The final salary scheme can no longer be added to after March 2022 but that doesn’t mean the end…your future salaries will still be used in working out the pension – so make sure you know how to get the most out of that!

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  1. Hi David, Thank so much for your invaluable help. I am very confused about taking a one month pension break. I am a 53 year old teacher planning to retire at 60. My highest revalued salary was in 2014-2017. When will the 2014 salary disappear? Also if I take a pension break, for how long will I be able to “use” 2014? For example will I still be able to use it in 2030 when I retire? Finally do you know if we can still get 2 years free if we buy buy out before April? Thank you.

    1. 2014 will disappear month-by-month as we move through 2024. Now, in February 2024, both January and February 2014 have become too old to be used and have been lost from the calculation.

      A break means you will FOREVER be able to use the 2014 salaries.

      The Buy Out thing is an unusual one and given a bizarre post put out on Friday 2 Feb I am not sure they know what they are doing!

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