Final Salary (3-in-10) Future

One method (method B) used to calculate your final salary looks at your last 10 years salaries.

These are revalued using inflation, which often makes them worth more than you are currently earning!

When teachers have periods of pay freezes and below inflation pay rises this method often produces a better final salary pension calculation.

This spreadsheet will let you enter your last 10 year’s salary figures and to check what is going to happen over the next few months and years to your Final Salary Pension. If it is going to drop then you should seek advice on whether opting out would be appropriate.

Link to sheet

Government response précis

My abridged version of the Government’s response to the consultation on the removal of age discrimination in the public sector pension schemes.

For my own reference but I’m posting it as others may also find it useful. I have reduced it to the main points, focusing solely on the actions the Government is proposing to take.

I removed details on who responded to the consultation and the summaries of their contributions to boil it down to just what is proposed will happen without so much of the why it will happen.

The Full Proposal (72 pages)

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