Case Studies (Remedy Period)

The remedy period (1 April 2015 to 31 March 2022) is where each eligible teacher gets to choose which scheme it is counted in, either their original final salary scheme or the new career average scheme.

TPS produced some case studies that, in my opinion, appeared to have been designed with the intention to promote the new career average scheme and minimise the differences between the schemes rather than what should have been their primary purpose; to help members of the scheme identify with the examples and so improve their understanding of what is likely to happen to their pensions.

To this end I have created several case studies of my own that, again in my opinion, more closely resemble real cases. The first 3 of these are all based on a typical classroom teacher who reaches the top of the upper pay range and stays there until the end of their career.

In these cases all the teachers are looking to retire at 60 and take all of their pension at that time. This means that any career average pension will be actuarially reduced but this makes the comparison between the choices each member will be given much easier to make.

The three case studies are for;

  • A protected member (born before April 1962)
  • A tapered member (born between 1962 and 1965)
  • A transition member (born after September 1965)

Dave (Protected)

Marci (Tapered)

Sherri (Transition)

Happy 60th

60+ and still teaching?

The end of the final salary scheme on 1 April 2022 presents you with an opportunity to take your final salary pension, continue working AND get paid more.

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